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Declan Started Kinder. If you have sent your firstborn off to school - you know the feeling. Fear. Pride. Anxiety. Worry. He's. My. First. 

You all know that I'm the planner. I printed off all the lists for "Kinder Readiness." We did them all. All. You can laugh. 

Menu planning has changed slightly. My usual breakfast favorites are too time consuming. This lady is NOT waking up at 6am to make a breakfast before everyone leaves at 7:30. Ive been double batching most of our meals to have freezer ready things I can reheat and eat or reheat for lunches. Some of these things (like the Almond coffee cake) are made the night before. 

Meal Planning should make your life easier- not harder. 

So today, after I get home from grocery shopping, I'll marinate the meat (chicken for Halal Chicken and chicken for Satay), cut and rinse romaine for salad, precook sausage (crumble it while cooking!), and crockpot some chicken (season with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion) this is perfect for lunches. 

Since Declan is only at school on Th/Fri, I'm also going to flip through our homeschool lessons to make sure I have all materials prepped and ready. We are using the Good and the Beautiful curriculum (reading, math, and science). Last week our school was closed for deep cleaning after a COVID incident - so I'm really happy we have a backup plan to keep him learning. 

I hope you all are thriving and surviving. Take time for yourself and dont be afraid to reach out if you need help or someone to talk to. Sending you all my love. 




P.S. - RECIPE LINK Here are all the August recipes. Feel free to take what you love and leave the rest. Just do you, boo. 


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