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Is there a real live person behind NWD? :::tap tap on the screen::: Are you really making clothes in some dining room in New Mexico?

Yes and No, I was kicked out of the dining room years ago. But big yes to the real person making all of these clothes from my studio in New Mexico. And by studio, I mean spare room. 

I’m Laura Stephenson

Awkward Selfie  

(insert cute, but totally awkward selfie here).

I’m a teacher turned clothing maker after I discovered I’m more than just witty banter and clap backs to an unamused crowd of teens. Here’s my story. 

Once upon a time lived a princess. She was completely awkward and failed miserably at all things “girl.” Okay. I’m not doing this in 3rd person. Growing up, I was always obsessed with dancing, but awkward meant injuries. Lots of them. Some really made you wonder what my parents we’re thinking. But along the way, I discovered another love: history. Yup. I’m nerd. History nerd. Let’s all say thank you to Mrs. Hebert at Strack Intermediate School in Spring, TX. She unknowingly inspired me while also having me make my first quilt for a project (yes quilt. I come from a long line of quilters). 

So I went on to become a teacher. 8 years. I loved it. Every minute of it. But we moved. A lot. So moving away from my dream job and becoming a mom left me feeling a little hollow. 

So, real talk, postpartum depression hit me hard. New city, new baby, and feeling completely isolated. 2014 was hard. I started sewing for my oldest, Declan, because the boy clothes struggle was real. I began sewing not just for me, but for others. A few friends from my online mom group (Hi Karm, Cris, and Randy!) really pushed me to take my hobby further. 

Nwd gave me my passion back. It gave me that purpose and identity outside of being a mom and a wife. I will forever be grateful for the encouragement from my friends and family.

As we’ve grown here (2 more moves, with the last one taking us from Texas to New Mexico) and added another bundle of ... (joy? Can I say joy? Reed is ... something. I’m not thinking joy.) NWD has become more than I ever imagined. From our first reps (Ayden and Gigi with their amazing moms Carla and Ale) to our growing team of admins (how did I ever live with out Lindsay and Lindsey?!?) and finally the best damn squad ever, my #nwdsquad

I’m so honored that so many families have NWD in their closets. I truly love creating clothes that stand up to whatever your kids can dish out. As we grow, I’m excited to expand our sizes and styles for big kids. 

If you’ve read this far, I admire your dedication. Or boredom. Whichever. Thank you! 



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  • So proud of you!!! Passing this on to friends who have young kids!!!

    Yevette Jackson on

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