House of Foodies

Posted by Laura Stephenson on

I love food. Deeply.

And food loves to settle around my midsection. 

I'm also a big planner/prepper/ and menu maker. Our household started using a seasonal rotating menu a few years back when we added the chaos brothers and it helps so much. 

I know my method isn't for everyone, but I really like the simplicity of just grabbing a bag of marinated meat to cook and tossing in my prepped veggies. I'm much better at sticking to the plan (and not calling Dominos) if all the grunt work is done ahead of time. 

Hosting is also another big part of our life. We frequently have house guests, so I'm going to add our favorite "easy big group recipes." 

So without further ado, here is the google link to our spring recipes: (click here)


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